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  1. Click here: prhic611.exe to download and execute the Medicare Online installation file
  2. It is recommended to perform this step on the Server and save the prhic611.exe file on the Practice folder. By default, Medicare Online will be installed to the C:\Practice folder. Occasionally, it will ask to install Java Runtime 1.4.7, please follow the on screen instructions and choose not to restart the computer when the installation completes.
  3. Check Practice 2000, if the clinic is running version 3.98 or earlier, download and execute the Practice 2000 online update from our website here: practicesql.exe. It is essential to perform this step on the Server and save the practicesql.exe file on the Practice folder.
For clinics that require the installation of Medicare’s certificate (this is mandatory for those who use online claiming for the first time or those who are obligated to renew the certificate): Click Start > Run then type psiapplet.cpl and press Enter to open the PKI Certificate Manager. Select Use an existing Store and click on Next.

 When asked for the location of the hic.psi file, browse to C:\Practice\HICOnline\ and select hic.psi and click on Next.

 Occasionally, it will ask for the password, enter password00. The PKI Certificate Manager screen will open. Click on Install.

When asked to enter the PSI store password, enter password00 and click on Next

When asked to select the location of the store certificate, select the CD drive from the list box and click on Next

When asked to enter the PIC, type the PIC from the Medicare’s letter and click on Next

Close the PKI Certificate Manager. If this is the first time the clinic ever used Online Claiming, perform the following steps:
  1. On Practice 2000, go to Admin Tasks > Setup > Medicare Online Setup and click on Reset.
  2. When asked to enter the Location ID, enter the ABA number provided to the clinic.

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