Practice 2000


Practice 2000 Update

FilePracticesql.exe (18.3MB)
Last updated: 9/6/2016
Practice 2000 latest version
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Medicare Benefits Schedule
     Fees Update – Dec 2017

File: Schedule.exe (6.9MB)
Last Updated: 01/12/17
Schedule fees latest update for Practice 2000
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PRACTICE SQL Manager FilePracticemanager.exe (0.7MB)
Last updated: 15/7/15
Database management tool to restore/back up or re-index the database
HIC Online 6.11 File: Prhic611.exe (26.3MB)
Last updated: 28/8/15
Description: Enable online claiming module on Practice 2000
MS Access 2000 File: Art2kmin.exe (32.2MB)
Last updated: 15/7/15

DescriptionMS Access 2000 installation package for Practice 2000
SMS Service File: PracticeSMSmedia.exe (305KB)
Last updated: 15/7/15
DescriptionA Windows service for Practice 2000 - SMS feature that receives the reply from patient and display its content onto appointment book
HIC Online Java hot fix File: Fixhicmd.exe (0.1MB)
Last updated: 15/7/15

DescriptionFixes problem that ceases Online claiming  feature due to update of third party software/Java/Windows
Postcodes update FilePostcodes.exe (0.4MB)
Last updated: 15/7/15

DescriptionLatest Australian postcodes list for Practice 2000
Tax Rates 2016 Update File: Taxrates.exe (0.1MB)
Last updated: 01/12/2016

DescriptionTax rate used in Practice 2000 for payroll module
Tablet Patient Form File: (16.4MB)
Last updated: 15/7/15

DescriptionA tablet patient form running RDP on a mobile device that allows patients to enter/edit details themselves
Tyro Terminal Adapter (TTA)
File: TyroTerminalAdapter.msi (2.5KB)
Last updated: 28/8/15

DescriptionTyro adapter for easy claiming on Practice 2000 that allows patients to receive their Medicare rebate instantly

64 bit Window Register for 

File: 64 bit window register.reg (307KB)
Last updated: 15/7/15

DescriptionTyro registration key for 64-bit-Windows 
Printable Practice Pamphlet File: (0.8MB)

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